SEHSCDS Diamond Jubilee 2018 President's Night

Event:    SEHSCDS Diamond Jubilee 2018 President’s Night

Date:     Friday 9th February 2018
Venue:    Riverside Hall, Priory Street, Ware, SG12 0DE
Timings:  7.45 – 10.45 pm
Band:     Chris Walker and Barbara Manning Tickets :  Free for SEHSCDS Full
Members, £7 for non-members and Newsreel Members,
           no charge for accompanied children 18 and under.
           Bring and Share refreshments.

Contact:  Ian Stewart       07842034890


Caberfei  8x32 R 
Lamb Skinnett  8x32 J  
Gentleman  8x32 S 
Wicked Willy  4x32 R 
Bill Clement MBE   8x32 J 
Silver Strathspey  8x32 S 
Davy Nick Nack  8x32 R 
Bees of Maggieknockater  4x32 J 

Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh 4x40 R
Joie de Vivre  8x32 J 
Cock a Bendie  8x32 S 
Royal Deeside Railway  8x32 R 
James Gray  4x32 J 
Ship O’ Grace  4x40 S 
Polharrow Burn  5x32 R 
Scottish Reform  8x32 J 


Montgomeries Rant  8x32 R 
Hooper’s Jig  8x32 J 
Wind on Loch Fyne  3x32 S

Event Date: 
Friday, February 9, 2018 - 19:45 to 22:45

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