Monday Class Information

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For our Monday classes:

Improve your Dancing

This class is intended for dancers who wish to learn and improve both their knowledge of Scottish Country Dancing and their personal technique. It encourages good footwork and phrasing. The most common formations will be taught and an understanding of the teamwork needed to link these formations in dances.  The class usually moves at a steady pace giving time for repetition of formations and dances to ensure that participants have time to assimilate what is being taught.  We try to include dances that will appear on the following Tuesday evening, but this might not always be possible.  All dancers are welcome to attend this class.

Advance your Dancing

This class will often have a theme which we hope to advertise on the website.  It is for dancers who feel they are ready for a challenge and already have a good knowledge of the more common formations so that they do not need to walk them through.  It will concentrate on phrasing and teamwork and will move at a faster pace than the Improve your Dancing Class.  More complex formations are taught encouraging good technique and phrasing which can help learning the structure of new dances more quickly.