MINCE PIES! MULLED WINE! (& Non-Alcoholic Punch for those who want)

The programme danced was:

  1. The Pinewoods Two-Step (X32 2RR)
  2. Happy Christmas (J32 3/4L)
  3. A Trip to Bavaria (R32 4/4L)
  4. Madge Wildfire’s Strathspey (S32 3/4L)
  5. Joy to the World (J32 4/4L)
  6. The Montgomeries’ Rant (R32 3/4L)
  1. Waltz Country Dance (W40 2RR)
  2. Postie’s Jig (J32 4/4L)
  3. Here Comes Santa Claus (R32 3/4L)
  4. Broadway (S32 3/3L)
  5. Best Set in the Hall (J32 3/4L)
  6. The Deil amang the Tailors (R32 3/4L)
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