The programme danced is shown below.  As this was the first club night after the news of the death of HM Queen Elizabeth II a minute silence and a tribute to the Queen was included in the evening.

  1. Come Under My Plaidie (J32 2RR)
  2. Our Compliments to John Renton (S32 3/3L)
  3. The Queen’s View (R32 3/4L)
  4. Anna Holden’s Strathspey (S32 2/4L)
  1. The Merry Reapers (J24 3/4L)
  2. Jig to the Music (J32 3/3L)
  3. Balmoral Strathspey (S32 4/4L)
  4. The Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh (R40 3/4L)