The dances covered in the evening were (click on the dance name to go to the dance information on the strathspey server):

1. Pleased To Meet You R32 2C Ponteland Class: Newcastle 2
2. Polharrow Burn R32 5/5L Foss: Magazine
3. To Honour a King S32 4S Kellett: Napier Diamond Anniversary
4. Summer Superstars R32 3/4L Landon
5. Neil M Grant J32 3/4L Grant: RSCDS XLIX
6. The Hazel Tree J32 3/4L Drewry: Summer 5
7. Trip to Timber Ridge R32 3/4L Henderson: RSCDS LII
8. Ship o’ Grace S40 4/4L McAdam: Lifeboat