The planned programme for the evening is available here.  The actual programme danced was (click on the dance name to go to the dance information on the Strathspey Server).

As this is a Valentine’s themed programme Stephen requested that, if possible, you wear something red or pink.

1. My Lord Byron’s Maggot J28 2L Collected by John Playford 1701
2. Saint Valentine’s Day R32 3/4L Donaldson: South African
3. The Valentine S32 3/4L Gaul: Magazine
4. Emmett’s Chase J32 3/4L Brenchley: Other Kangaroo Paw
5. St Bernard’s Waltz W16 1RR Smith: YSDA 1
6. The Isle J32 3/4L RSCDS Graded
7. Triple Happiness S32 3/3L Oyama: RSCDS LII
8. The Charmer J32 3/4L Walsh (18C): RSCDS XXIX