The planned programme for the evening can be found here. The actual programme danced was (click on the dance name to go to the dance information on the Strathspey Server).

1. EH3 7AF J32 3/4L Goldring: RSCDS XL
2. The Westminster Reel R32 2/4L Hill: RSCDS XLV
3. Miss Milligan’s Strathspey S32 3/4L RSCDS Leaflets
4. Angus MacLeod R64 4/4L Queen: Angus MacLeod
5. Hedwig’s Reel R32 3/4L Phillips: RSCDS Graded 2
6. Muse Cottage S32 3/3L Goldring: Let’s All Dance Too
7. The Falls of Rogie R32 3/4L Attwood: Alexander 1
8. Granville Market J32 3/4L Vandegrift: RSCDS Graded 2