The programme danced is shown below.

  1. Maxwell’s Rant (R32 3/4C)
  2. Crossing the Bay (S32 3/4C)
  3. Farewell to Balfour Road (J96 5/5C)
  4. Lord Brownlow’ Strathspey (S32 3/3C)
  5. Neil M Grant (J32 3/4C)
  6. The British Grenadiers (R32 3/4C)
  1. Joie de Vivre (J32 3/4C)
  2. Triple Happiness (S32 3/3C)
  3. Kendall’s Hornpipe (J32 2/4C)
  4. Mairi’s Wedding (R40 3/4C)
  5. The Montgomeries’ Rant (R32 3/4C)
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