The programme danced is shown below.

  1. Happy Returns (R32 3/4C)
  2. The Starry Eyed Lassie (J32 3/4C)
  3. Belle of Bon Accord (S32 4/4C)
  4. The Cat & the Fiddle (J32 3/4C)
  5. Jim Dougal of Eyemouth (S32 3/3C)
  6. The Reel of the Royal Scots (R32 3/4C)
  1. EH3 7AF (J32 3/4C)
  2. Sandy o’er the Lea (S32 3/4C but was danced in 3C sets)
  3. Spiers Bruce (J32 3/4C)
  4. Irish Rover (R32 3/4C)