Our Dances

Dances written by members of our club

Various members have written dances for our club over the years. For our 50th Anniversary, we published 12 of these in our Golden Book and Ken Martlew recorded a piano accompaniment to them. They include the popular dance Widdershins and also The Black Bear. Both of these are available to purchase here.

For our 60th Anniversary in 2012, we published 17 more dances with music recorded by Sandy Nixon and his Scottish Dance Band. These can be purchased here. Clips of the music tracks are also available here and films of the dances are shown on YouTube.

Subsequent to the publishing of our Diamond Collection, Stephen Webb, wrote a dance to celebrate the 80th birthday of one of our founding members, George Bateson “George’s Strathspey”. The full description and music can be downloaded here and a video of the dance which was recorded at a celebration of George’s birthday at the club, is also shown below.

George’s Strathspey

George’s Strathspey Music by John Renton